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92.5 Oxidised Silver Cylindrical Storage Box


Silver pooja items can be bought either in a set or can be picked individually based on the need. Here are the common silver pooja items that are extensively used on a daily basis Buying silver pooja item sets is advantages in terms of uniformity. Silver pooja item sets ideally include silver lamps for pooja, silver plates; silver bowls etc, the uniformity in design makes gives them an ideal look. Not just pooja items, silver is also popularly used in making Jewellery. Silver Jewellery sets go well with earthy colours, handlooms and authentic handprint sarees and dresses. Silver Jewellery sets are also paired with western wear, Indo westerns and fusion wear. You can find a range of plain silver Jewellery to antique silver Jewellery sets with us.

weight : 224.5 gram 

Height : 6 inch

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